Recasting Your 2016 Presidential Ballot (Would You Change Your Vote?)

The XINOSI team likes to track things. It’s what we do. And so, one of the things we thought would be interesting to track was how people feel about their voting decision in the most recent U.S. Presidential Election (2016).

We asked people who voted in the 2016 Presidential Election to imagine they could go back in time and cast their vote again. Who would they vote for if they could do it all over again?

The results – containing four data points so far – are shown in the graph below.

While the fortunes of President Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to go up and down depending upon the news cycle, the prospects for a third-party candidate (denoted as “other” below) have steadily increased each time we asked this question.

Could it be that Americans are becoming more open to third party, non-Democrat, non-Republican candidates?

We don’t know yet but it’s an intriguing hypothesis. We’ll keep tracking this and posting it here as new data comes in.