XINOSI is an ongoing survey of the human condition. We are trying to better understand ourselves and the world we live in by constantly asking questions and keeping our finger on the pulse of what we, collectively, are thinking, doing, buying and believing as a nation.

In one sense, XINOSI provides free consumer and market research to everyone, as we conduct a lot of studies regarding what people are buying, or how much money they are spending, or what movies they are watching, or what brands they like or dislike, or where they go on vacation.

In another sense, XINOSI is a social polling organization, providing insights into how the public feels about topics big and small, what they believe to be true or untrue, who they might vote for, who they would rather have lunch with, how they see themselves or who they most fantasize about.

XINOSI’s goal is to be all of the things above and more. We are just a few weeks old and we are still working the kinks out of things. Our website isn’t as pretty and organized as we want it to be – but we’re getting there.

Please join us for the ride.

Oh and if you are curious about what XINOSI means or stands for…given that this website is about sharing information and knowledge, we looked to the two ancient cultures renowned for their wisdom, thought and knowledge – the Chinese and Greek civilizations – and combined two words from their amazing lexicon to come up with XINOSI.

Send us a message if you know what those two words are!