The Most Important Website

What’s the single most important website on the internet today?

What’s the one website that you simply can’t do without?

Yeah. We want to know too. So we went out and asked a random sample of 547 adult Americans what website they felt that they simply could not do without.

As the chart below shows, Amazon topped all other websites, with 23% of those polled saying that it was the website they really could not do without.

Coming in at second place was Google, with 18% of the vote.

Facebook captured third place with a 14% share, while Reddit and YouTube each received 7% of the vote, respectively.

After the above top 5 websites, our respondents listed a large number of other websites, which we have aggregated by type below:

  • News = 9%
  • Social = 5%
  • Portal = 2%
  • Shopping = 2%
  • Information = 2%
  • Porn = 2%
  • Forum = 1%
  • Games = 1%
  • Reviews = 1%
  • Weather = 1%
  • Other = 5%

So what website is indispensable to you?

Let us know!

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