Tea Drinking (How Often Do You Do It?)

How often do you drink Herbal Tea?

 Tea is one of the most common and popular drinks in the world. Tea has been used as currency (tea bricks were used in ancient China prior to the Ming Dynasty as a form of legitimate and acceptable currency) and tea has been instrumental in driving exploration, trade and commerce among people across the world. Tea further secured its importance in history through its position as a mainstay of the global spanning British Empire. Today, tea is a deep part of British culture. Tea is everywhere. It is a global force bringing people together wherever tea drinkers congregate.

In the United States, 5% of the adult population reports drinking herbal teal all the time. Another 21% reports drinking herbal team sometimes or fairly often, while nearly half (49%) say that they at least drink it sometimes (although not that often).

All told then, that adds up to three quarters of Americans who report drinking at least sometimes.

That is indeed a lot of tea!


Beyond the above, we found some interesting differences by gender. In general, we found that women are more likely than men to drink tea on a regular basis.

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