Snow Removal (How It’s Done By You and Me)

When you have to remove snow, do you typically use a (manual) shovel or a motorized snow blower?

 It’s winter and you look outside your window and see nothing but a blanket of white covering everything for miles around. You just had a blizzard and it’s left you stranded indoors. You’d like to enjoy the time away from work or school, but you know you have to get out there eventually. You put on your heavy boots, heavy coat and a pair of gloves and head out to tackle the snow.

But how do you do it? Do you do it manually, with a shovel? Or do you use a motorized snow blower?

Well if you are like most Americans, you pull out your favorite trusty snow shovel and put your back into the project.

In fact, around two-thirds (63%) of Americans remove snow with a manual shovel, while just 9% use a motorized snow blower. If you’re lucky, someone on your block owns one of these beasts and they are kind enough to lend you a hand to clear out your driveway. It happens across snow covered American all the time – so to those 9% – we salute you comrades in snow removal! Thank you from your manual shoveling brethren (who are getting an awesome workout in and are looking mighty beastly themselves as they heave heaps of snow over their shoulders to clear a path through the heavy snow).

Oh and there are a good number of people who really don’t have to worry about shoveling snow at all – in our study, 29% reported that they never have to remove snow. There are all sorts of reasons for that – it could be they live in an apartment building where management handles snow removal, or perhaps they always hire out the job to the local kids or a snow removal company, or it could be they live in a climate where snow simply doesn’t happen. We don’t know – but it’s interesting nevertheless.

See you in the winter!

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