Prevalence of Bubble Gum Chewing

Do you chew bubble gum? Yes, those are the types of questions we ask around here : ) But not to worry – because we also provide the answers and we’ll never leave you hanging.

So how many people chew bubble gum? This is one of those questions people ponder when they have nothing else to do…unless they happen to be a market researcher or brand manager or someone who manages product at companies like Wrigley Company (subsidiary of Mars, Inc) whose bread and butter is gum!

Well whatever category you fall into, here’s the answer:

According to a poll we conducted in May of 2017, 54% of adult Americans said that they did chew bubble gum, while 46% said they did not.

Gum chewing was a little more prevalent among women (58% of women say they chew bubble gum vs. 51% of men).

Gum chewing by other factors like income and education didn’t seem to trend strongly in any particular direction – although when looked at by age, gum chewing does seems to decline by increasing age (after peaking between the ages of 25 to 34).


Interestingly though, people who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election were more likely to chew gum than those who voted for Hillary Clinton (64% vs. 50%, respectively), and conservatives in general were bigger gum chewers than liberals (64% vs. 54%, respectively).

We don’t know how or why gum chewing and political preferences are related – but it sure is interesting to think about!

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