Lunching with Celebrities – Simone Arianne Biles & Michael Phelps vs. Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

How much does star power trump your political preferences? Or put another way, if you could have lunch with American artistic gymnast Simone Arianne Biles or Hillary Clinton, who would you rather have lunch with?

What about if we told you that you could have lunch with American competitive swimmer Michael Phelps or Donald Trump, who would you rather have lunch with?

These are questions we tested with a random sample of adult Americans, and here are the results.

First off, when pitting Hillary Clinton against Arianne Biles, Biles beat Hillary 55% to 45%.

In the second pairing, pitting Michael Phelps against Donald Trump, Phelps bested Trump 67% to 33%.

Liberals almost unanimously said they’d rather lunch with Phelps than Trump (92% vs. 8%). Conservatives much happier to lunch with Biles than Clinton, although compared to liberals, they were more open to Hillary than liberals were to Trump (84% would lunch with Biles vs. 16% who would opt for Hillary).

Those who consider themselves middle of the road types selected the star over the politician in both pairings (65% for Phelps vs. 35% for Trump, and 60% for Biles vs. 40% for Hillary).

 18 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465 to 74+  
Michael Phelps61%74%65%58%6350
Donald Trump39%26%35%42%3750
18 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465 to 74+
Hillary Clinton33%43%40%65%4735
Arianne Biles67%57%60%35%5365
Michael Phelps62%71%
Donald Trump38%29%
Hillary Clinton35%51%
Arianne Biles65%49%

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