How many Selfies do you take per day?

Most of us have smartphones these days. And most smartphones, if not all, have a camera function. And those camera functions lets us do all sorts of things, including the taking of the infamous Selfie! So how many selfies do you take in a typical day?

We wanted to know – and so went out coming for answers. And these are the answers that we came back with.

On average, in a typical day, the average person reports taking barely one selfie (the math is actually a little more than half a selfie – but what is that really??).

In fact, the majority (76%) say that on a typical day, they don’t take any selfies at all. Around 15% say they take 1 (full math selfie!!) per day, while 3% say they take 2 selfies per day, and another 3% report taking 3 selfies in a typical day.

About one percent of the adult population reports taking 10 or more selfies per day (again, this is on a typical day – not during vacations or at parties, trips and such).

When looking a little deeper into the differences by an assortment of demographic variables, we found that things like political belief (e.g., liberals vs. conservatives) had no bearing on this question – both left and right took the same number of selfies per typical day (average came out to 0.6).

By gender, we found women took almost twice as many selfies as men did (0.73 vs. 0.4), and those aged 35 to 44 took the most selfies of any of the sub group analyzed (clocking in at 0.90).

Again, these are all smallish numbers and suggests that people are not all that narcissistic after all – at least not when it comes to memorializing their hair style or facial expressions on a typical, average ho-hum day.

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