Do You Buy Girl Scout Cookies?

What do you typically do when they come knocking on your door, peddling those deliciously delectable Girl Scout Cookies (for the record, Thin Mints are our favorites!)?

Do you buy some cookies, turn them away…or have you never, ever, had the experience of having someone try to sell you Girl Scout Cookies?

Well, being the cookie lovers that we are, we just had to find out how most people handle such situations.

We went out knocking on doors, looking for the answer…and we found this:

More than half (53%) of adult Americans say that when Girl Scouts come knocking, cookies to be sold in hand, they go ahead and place and order (by the way – you can buy Girl Scout Cookies here).

A third (33%), however, do not buy Girl Scout Cookies.

And 14% have never had anyone try to sell them Girl Scout Cookies.

We feel for you 14% – we really do – because Girl Scout Cookies are awesome snacks and we do hope that one day you’ll have a chance to buy some.

Till then – here’s the chart summarizing the above data. Enjoy!

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