Buying Food from Food Trucks (Purchase Frequency)

In a typically week, how often do you purchase Street Food?

If you live in a reasonably large city, you are bound to see plenty of food trucks and food carts on your way to work each day. Street food vendors are a mainstay of urban cuisine, helping many hungry city dwellers and city workers dine on the go, usually at a very reasonable price.

So it’s no wonder that when we asked went out asking people how often, in a typical week, they purchased food from a food truck or street vendor, almost a third (32%) said they did so at least once per week. Nearly one in ten (9%) buy street food at least twice a week, while about 6% buy it 3 times a week. There are a few people (around 1%) who purchase street food 10 or more times in a typical week.

While the majority (68%) of those polled said they typically don’t buy food from food carts or food trucks, it’s still remarkable that so many do, especially given the fact that such trucks and street food stations typically compete with so many other venues for the same clientele each day.

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