American’s Interest and Reactions to James Comey Testimony

The much anticipated testimony of James Comey riveted the nation today, with many hoping it would answer many unanswered questions regarding and point the way forward.

Our mission on this website is to be an going survey of the human condition and to gather insights into how people feel and think about a huge array of topics.

In keeping with that mission, we launched poll to help better understand what Americans are thinking and feeling regarding Mr. Comey’s testimony.

While the polling is not complete, below we share with you our preliminary findings (based on a sample of around 500 responses so far). We will update this page over the next few days as all the data comes in and we have time to analyze it thoroughly

When we asked respondents if they watched the James Comey testimony live on television, online or some other way, an amazing 45% said they did. That means nearly half the nation (adult viewers) viewed at least part of the hearing, indicating widespread interest in what Mr. Comey had to say.

When we asked if President Trump was criminally guilty of any wrong doing, 41% said yes, 38% said no and 21% said they were not sure.

When we asked if the current investigation into improper ties, or links or communications with Russia would hurt the Trump presidency, nearly two-thirds (61%) of respondents said yes, a quarter (25%) said no and 16% said they were not sure.

We also asked respondents if they felt the media was positively biased towards Trump, negatively biased towards Trump or neutral and unbiased towards the president, the breakout was as follows:

  • 6% – positively biased towards the president
  • 70% – negatively biased towards the president
  • 24% – neutral or unbiased towards the president

Please check back later for updated and final results, along with drill down analyses by an assortment of demographic variables.

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