Prevalence of Duct Tape in the Home

Back in the 80s and into the early part of the 90s, there was an awesome television show on the air called MacGyver. Don’t take our word for it that it was awesome – go check it out yourself if you haven’t seen it yet. It was epic. It was fabulous. It was fulfilling. And it had duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape.

Or to be more precise, the hero of the show (played by Richard Dean Anderson), always seemed to have a role of duct tape handy, which he used in all manner of clever ways to save the day and take care of the bad guys.

We long for the days when all that you needed was some duct tape and a good imagination to make everything right in the world.

We bet many of you do too. So we set out to find out how many people actually have a role of duct tape in their home.

Possibly inspired by MacGyver just like we were, we found that the vast majority of Americans (90%) do keep at least one roll of duct tape in their homes.

And who wouldn’t (10%!), with all it’s amazing uses? But we digress.

Duct tape reigns supreme among the sexes too….

Gender Male Female
Yes 87% 92%
No 13% 8%

Slightly more females say they have duct tape in their homes than men, but the results are close enough to say it’s equally popular among both men and women.

We found no major differences when examining this question by other factors, like income or educational attainment or age. Pretty much everyone agreed to the importance of this amazing product.

Even among those who will often vehemently disagree on other matters (like who should have won the 2016 Presidential Election), politics had zero to say on the prevalence of duct tape in the home.

Politics Middle-of-the-Road Liberal Conservative
Yes 89% 91% 89%
No 11% 9% 11%

If that’s not an endorsement for this stuff…we don’t know what is!

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