iPhone Ownership Rates

The iPhone has captured the imagination of smart phone users everywhere. It seems to dominate the smart phone landscape, with people peering intently into their iPhone screens at all hours of the day or night, in public and in private. The iPhone is the central focus of their lives.

But how dominant is the iPhone really? In terms of prevalence among American adults. In other words, what proportion of the US adult population actually owns an iPhone. We don’t care what model it is or what color it is or what app it has installed.

We just want to know how many people have an iPhone of any flavor. And if you’re reading this, we think you want to know too.

So without further adieu….

The answer is that 45% of adult Americans own an iPhone.

Men are somewhat more likely then women to own an iPhone.

Gender Male Female
Yes 50% 42%
No 50% 58%

iPhone ownership rates also correlate with age – with ownership being inversely proportional to age.

That strange blip at the end of the graph above is a bit puzzling but we left it in our presentation anyway. We’ll provide an update pending further analysis and checking of that age data.

So there you have it. iPhone ownership rates. Topics like this that change over time are topics we revisit from time-to-time to get a new read on. So please check back if this topic interests you.

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