How Many Americans Have Used the Uber Car Service?

Have you ever used the Uber car service?

The word “uber” is has become fairly common in the English language. Deriving from the German word (über) meaning “super” or “topmost,” in English it has become a bit of slang word for anything that is superior or better or just generally awesome.

Enter the Uber car service – or as Wikipedia describes the company – “Uber Technologies Inc. is a transportation network company.”

Indeed it is. As anyone who has lived or worked or visited a major city like, say, New York City, you probably have a good idea of what Uber is and the services the company provides.

But being the curious sorts we are, we decided to find out how many people nationwide have used the Uber car service before.

Here’s what we found – roughly 2 out of 5 adult Americans (39%) have used Uber before.

Using Uber seems to be a bit more common among men than women, as the table below shows.

Gender Male Female
Yes 44% 36%
No 56% 64%

It also seems to skew younger, as shown in the table below.

Age 18 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 44 45 to 54 55 to 64 65 to 74
Yes 61% 46% 32% 38% 11% 21%
No 39% 54% 68% 62% 89% 79%

Since Uber is very much app based, that doesn’t seem too surprising, as younger people are more likely to own a smart phone and to use app-based services.

We also found that Uber usage tended to correspond with income – those earning more money were more likely to have used Uber in the past. We might also guess that using a taxi service in general is more likely among those with higher incomes.

Income < $10K $25K to $50K $50K to $75K $75K to $100K $100K+
Yes 14% 39% 46% 49% 37%
No 86% 61% 54% 51% 63%

What else did we find?

Sometimes we like to see how beliefs or produce/service usage varies with political beliefs. We went wild and delved into this with regards to Uber usage.

Politics Middle-of-the-Road Liberal Conservative
Yes 41% 47% 23%
No 59% 53% 77%

As the table above shows, those who say they Liberal are more likely to use the service than those who say they are Conservative.

We will let our readers ponder that.

One thing we have to make note of – we looked at this question on a national basis. Naturally, Uber usage is going to be a lot higher in places like New York City than in more rural or suburban locales.

It’s also known (more or less) that people who live in big cities tend to hold more liberal political views…and therein may be the driving force behind the final table above.

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